School Selection: Going Beyond School Websites

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School selection by going beyond what is given on the school websites is a grueling process. Given the time, money, and efforts input involved in an MBA program, you need to be certain that your chosen school meets your needs. For this, you need to have neutral and credible information sources to cut out a right picture of the schools you are targeting. With your GMAT scores in hand, the hunt will be more streamlined. Here are some helpful tips on school selection which goes beyond the school websites:

School Ratings Lists: Various known bodies like AACSB (http://accredited.aacsb.edu/) and business magazines, such as the Business Week, Financial Times, and Forbes credibly rate business schools. Study their assessment criteria and the alignment they have with the kind of course and achievements you have in mind. Once you have a prospective list, narrow down your focus by the following methods:

Campus Visit: As and when feasible, try visiting the campus of your choice. You will be able to assess, first hand, the culture and the ethos of the school. You can speak to the students & faculty members and gain an insight into how it will work out for you.

School Events: Most schools arrange off-campus events to benefit those who are unable to travel to the schools. These are great places to network with the alumni as well as the admission committee members. Impressions created here might tip the scales later in your favor, while giving you an added benefit of getting a lot of information from one stop.

Alumni Events: Some schools have a very active and connected alumni network. Try to visit some of their business events. These are great places to get valuable information, form strong business connections, and assess how the schools have benefited its students.

Education Fares: These are also quite insightful. Observe well and use your analytical skills to look beyond the marketing and form a real picture.

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