MBA Admissions: Getting the best Recommendations

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A recommendation letter is a reference note by a third party endorsing your credentials, mainly professional, personal, and academic. Recommendation letters can be a tipping factor in the course of the application process. While a strong recommendation can significantly ease your way, a mixed one can raise the level of scrutiny, challenging the chances of admission. Here are some helpful steps to get the best out of your MBA admission’s recommendation:

Choice of Reference: Your reference must be someone who has worked closely with you and can be a personal vouchsafe. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Level of Interaction: Your professional equation with the reference should be the guideline. For example, prefer a recent superior you have worked under rather than picking some big shot who does not know you enough.
  • Reference Type: If for some reason, you cannot give a work reference, carefully select an academic reference. Ensure that he or she knows you well.
  • Recommendation Writing: Impressive writing skills of your reference can surely bring a huge advantage to your table. Give your recommender enough time to craft a good note for you.
  • Working with the References: Since you are deciding on your references, it helps if you prepare them for their role in your application process.
  • Essays: Share your essays with them, so that they can understand the approach you have chosen and are able to substantiate your claims.
  • Provide examples: Fortifying a claim or recommendation with specific examples endorses the credibility of your case in the mind of the Admissions’ Committee.
  • Balanced Views: The recommendation should not seem like an ode to your abilities, nor should they read as your annual performance evaluation. It should be balanced, genuine, and to the point.
  • Credibility: In addition, the college might call up your reference to validate the information. Ensure that the later does not sound tutored.
  • Ensure Timely Submission: It is your responsibility to follow up with your references and ensure that they submit the recommendation in time. Colleges like Stanford allow a designated reminder to the references about a week before the deadline.
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