Pursuing an MBA in Human Resources: How to choose the best program?

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An industry or a corporate is as much about its human resources as it is about its products & services. This qualifies the HR department as an integral unit of a firm. With businesses setting higher benchmarks of excellence, the need for well-trained people is increasing day by day. This emphasizes the importance of a reputed HR MBA. Let's look at the why and the how when it comes to choosing the best MBA in HR.

Career Options with MBA HR:

  • Top Management: As a coveted business school HR graduate, you are well headed for top management (Vice President HR, Head HR, etc.) of an organization.
  • Consultants: You can even begin your career as an expert in the fields of organizational design, development, & workplace behavior, strategy, leadership roles, training & development, and entrepreneurship.
  • Wide HR Roles: A top business school HR MBA opens up specialized fields, like staffing, employment relations, payroll management, etc.

How to Choose the Best MBA in HR?

Look for the following key features to identify a quality HR MBA program:

  • It should be accredited or recognized.
  • The reputation of the program among the recruiters hugely defines your placement potential.
  • Some good programs even customize the course according to the student's academic profile and requirement.
  • A good MBA Human Resources program provides students with values and the specific business skills to supplement their existing capabilities. Often reputed programs enlighten the students in the areas, such as:
  • Business strategies and concepts
  • Benefit analysis
  • Organizational development
  • Concepts, processes and issues associated with training and development
  • Laws – Administrative and Personnel
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Compensations, benefits and related issues
  • For an effective management, the program also grooms you for the other key business domains, like international business, finance & accounting, economics, business analysis, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • A reputed program offers excellent campus placement opportunities.
  • Stanford University, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, Northwestern University, etc. are some of the top business schools for the program.
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