Minority Candidates applying for MBA Programs: How to put your best foot forward?

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Admission Committees (AdComs) do extend certain concessions or special consideration to minority candidates for MBA Programs. This surely supplements their chances of admission in a leading business school. In addition, some leading firms now prefer to hire a person from a mixed ethnicity at the work place. Let us look at the on-campus advantages for minority candidates applying for MBA programs:

  1. Admission Preference: Because of market demand, B-Schools prefer to have minorities in their MBA programs. Mainly these schools consider three types of minorities:
    • Cultural, like ethnicity, language, religion
    • Sexual like LGBT
    • Physical, like disability, skin color

    Therefore, if you belong to a minority group, apply to the MBA programs extending any concession or aid to your group. With this advantage, prepare well for the standard admission process: strike a good GMAT score and write impressive essays. If called for the interview, do look and sound promising.

  2. Scholarships & Financial Aids: Many top schools offer special scholarships to minority students. Awards and grants are also available from organizations like the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the National Black MBA Association, and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. If you research these options well, you can pursue your MBA at a significantly reduced cost.
  3. Minority Students Support Groups: Several top business schools have dedicated groups for minority students. These teams work to enhance your visibility on the campus, handle diversity related issues, help build professional networks, and provide other required support.
  4. Professional Network Building: You can enroll in special on-campus mentoring programs with the top business professionals. In addition, get in touch with alumni who are extending special support and networking opportunities to minority MBA students. You can also try for national level mentoring programs like the PhD Project and Management Leadership for Tomorrow.
  5. Professional Help: Expert admission consultants can be immensely helpful in guiding you with your various advantages. They also provide effective assistance throughout the standard MBA application processes. All this helps enhance your chances of admission and getting scholarships.
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