What matters in an MBA application?

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Undoubtedly, an average GMAT score of 720 boosts your chances of admission to the top business schools. It endorses one of the key selection parameters - your academic competence. But, the Adcom assesses your leadership skills as well. This provides you a potential opportunity to display your professional acumen beyond academics. Therefore, you can apply for an MBA and even impress the AdCom, despite a low GPA or GMAT score. However, have the following crucial factors in place:

Work Experience: A minimum of four to five years’ work experience with a stellar profile, potentially demonstrating your leadership skills and the ability to bring about positive changes in the workplace, is quite a winner.

Impressive Extracurricular Resume: A compelling and diverse extracurricular profile is definitely a catalyst.

Compelling Essays: Be honest and clear regarding your future goals and career path. Highlight your strengths and show you are earnest about mitigating your weaknesses. Use essays strategically to state why you got a low GMAT or GPA score and convincingly convey that you will be academically bright during your course. Your confident decision-making, clarity of thoughts, vision, persistence, seriousness, and engaging English can fetch you quite a few brownie points from the Adcom.

Convincing Reference Letters: High recommendation letters from superiors, peers, and if possible, from the students at the college you are applying to, goes a long way in easing the MBA admission process for you.

Interviews: This is your real test. But, do not be nervous about it. If you are at peace with yourself, you will be able to handle it well. Present yourself neatly and smartly. Do not look or sound upset, worried, boastful, or overexcited. Talk realistically, but be positive about even the negatives. Show your willingness to change and adapt. Be sincere and honest. It will shine through.

Professional Help: Admission consultants can be immensely helpful in the case of low GMAT or GPA score. They help you through all the MBA admission procedures. This considerably boosts your chances of success.

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