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It is a challenging task to portray the best of your achievements and success stories in an impressive manner. Your work experience is a very important element of your profile and demonstrates many shades of your personality.

Look at the recent, past, personal and professional experiences to present the characteristics or qualities which you most obviously exhibit or lack. You could refer to past performance-appraisal forms for developing your own personal characteristics chart.

If you have a highly technical job profile, please try to specify what the job in relation to the impact made on the organization or on revenue or costs. If possible, bring in your people-management responsibilities and related accomplishments.

Some of the key points to be included:

  • When you mention your work, do mention the nature of your work, your key responsibilities, team-size, employees under your supervision, size of budget, type of clients (Fortune 500 or small-medium businesses or start-ups), types of products dealt with and results achieved.
  • Provide rationale for the reader to understand the context of the operations of your firm and industry growth, market potential and addressable markets.
  • What kind of projects did you lead and what was the problem area for the client that you helped him solve? Also state the impact on the client (business process benefited, time saved, revenue or profit impacted).
  • To state an impact, explain why specific processes are important for the business and how you went about making the required changes. To take in a larger view, you could also include the impact you made on the ecosystem and how did you involve people?
  • Highlight the achievements and not just the scope of the work using quantifiable measurements. How much money you would have saved? Include potential damages because of non-adoption of the new process as well. Do use metrics to state the results in international currency like dollars or euro for easy understanding.
  • Limit the discussion relevant to your role and the company rather than talking about industry developments
  • Highlight the leadership skills you have developed:-
    • Did you lead various teams and projects and what impact you made on the team and on the organization?
    • What impact you have made outside professional life? What did you learn as a leader?
    • How did you fail as a leader?
  • Focus on the team skills acquired by providing examples of working with diverse people, and in the process explain your experiences and what you learnt.
  • What personality traits did you bring to the table and how will you contribute to the business school?
  • What impact you had on your organization outside of your expected scope of work?
  • What change or any other volunteer work you have been involved in?
  • How did you motivate, convince and negotiate with your team settings to finish tasks as per schedule?
  • What impact you made on the team with your dedication and personal accomplishments to achieve project goals?
  • Have you faced any challenges or adversities while working in a group and how did you overcome the same.
  • Mention multi-cultural experiences to focus on diverse experiences and learning from the same.
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