The importance of a one-to-one MBA admission consultation

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Increasingly, B-school applicants are concentrating all their energies on the best-branded schools to yield jobs which justify the monetary value of the MBA. Top-tier business schools are becoming even more competitive. The average selectivity rate for the top MBA programs hovers around 7-12%.

How to choose the right MBA Admissions’ Consultant?

A 750 GMAT score and 3.7 GPA won’t be enough. More than ever, your essays, recommendation letters, and interviews are potential deal-breakers or deal-makers. To rise to the challenges which each of these application components pose, you need the expert, personalized, proven-effective guidance of an experienced admissions’ consultant.

An experienced advisor will direct you through the B-school application maze by providing you with a savvy, bullet-proof application strategy for helping you write powerful and compelling essays that get you admitted to top schools. Don’t choose consulting organizations which pass their clients between faceless editors and consultants, and force you into their impersonal volume-driven organization. Consultants with small teams are able to furnish their clients with personal care. Working together with them, you will be able to discover ideas and stories that best capture your strengths, experiences, and personality.

In what way will the Consultant help you?

Consultants provide guidance from the start to the end, through intensive get-to-know interviews, guided questions, incisive suggestions to aid you in the making of compelling, memorable essays. Consultants assist you to catch the reader’s attention and highlight your personality, your ability to express along with your brilliant imagination.

Consultants will show you how to use a dynamic style and engaging tone that connects with the admissions’ committee on a human level while also fully establishing your professional achievements. Your essays will become persuasive, polished, and powerful without sacrificing your individuality. Your essay set as a whole will capture your entire profile, each essay complementing and rounding out the others to produce a seamless, inexorable whole.

Consultants will also show you how to obtain highly effective letters of recommendation from the people who know you better. They will likewise help you acquire the proper scheme for making the best sort of recommendations.

When you get to the interviews, consultants will also help you refine your answers to the toughest interview questions through video, phone, or one-on-one preparation. Overall, you stand to benefit from expertise and guidance to get the best out of your profile from an expert consultant. It is wise to invest in this important stage of the MBA journey.

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